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  • How do I care for my pelt?
    Sheepskins are very resilient and require very little attention. We suggest firstly using our sheepskin brush to comb through the layers which will dislodge any dust and debris. Then hang your sheepskin out in the fresh air to allow the natural lanolin to work its wonders. If your sheepskin needs further treatment we can suggest our woolwash sheepskin detergent which will allow for a deaper clean. 1. Add 20ml of our detergent to a machine wash using gentle wool cycle, the colder the water the better. For long hair pelts we recommend hand washing only. 2. If hand washing squeeze all of the excess water out. 3. Lay flat with the leather side up DO NOT HANG OR LAY IN THE SUN to allow the leather to shrink back naturally to its normal size. 4. The cooler the atmosphere the better to dry your pelt. DISCLAIMER: The leather may harden after its wash but should soften over time. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Curly Pelt, Gotland, Reindeer, Goat or Cow Hide we suggest spot cleaning only to prevent damage to the leather.
  • How do I care for my hide?
    Hides such as Cow, Goat, Reindeer as well as Gotland and Curly Sheepskins are resilient due to their natural properties and mainly benefit from shaking to remove dust or light vacuuming. However if there is a stain it can be cleaned by spot cleaning which avoids getting the leather side wet. 1. Soak a sponge with 5ml of our Woolwash detergent and cold water and gently wipe down the areas that need cleaning. 2. Dry the area with a towel to prevent water damage.
  • How long will my item take to arrive?
    Our orders are dispatched within 3-5 days of payment (except weekends and bank holidays) please allow a further 2 days. All postage includes tracking which will be sent to you via email as soon as the parcel has been sent. Shipping can take anywhere between 2-25 days depending on location.
  • What are your terms and conditions?
    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Items must be checked upon receipt of delivery. Items must be returned in their original unused condition. We are unable to refund you for any postage costs. Also direct cost of returning the goods is your responsibility. We will pay for shipping of new items via your store credit. Exchange and Credit will be processed when the request to return is made within 14 days from receipt of delivery. All returns must be received by ImagePlusCountry within 30 days from receipt of delivery to qualify for a credit/exchange. Please note SALE items can not be returned. We do not reimburse for packages that are returned to us because of neglect to pick it up at your post office after the post notifies you. If your package is returned because of neglect to pick it up, we can not refund your order.
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