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  • This Sheepskin Hide has been ethically sourced from Britain, it is a bi-product of the meat industry, and is a 100% natural product.

    This Shearling Rug has short fur approx 2cm deep pile, and has an ultra soft texture, for that super cosy, living space. The lanolin also makes sheepskin gentle on your skin, and its a natural unbleached product making it safe around babies and pets.

    It is an off white, cream colour, with no dyeing or bleaching involved, so there will be slight darker sections.

    Sheepskin is also breathable and has insulating properties that will make your seats cooler on hot summer days and warm and cosy when the temperature drops. It is a good alternative to synthetically made materials because it is Biodegradable and takes much less energy to make.

    This rug is very resourceful and can be used in many different ways , as a mattress toppers, base to tents whilst camping, pram liner, office chairs cover, as decorative throws, and of course on floors.

    Genuine British Shearling | Sheepskin Rug |

    • Width: 70 centimetres

      Length: 100 centimetres

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